Building Christ's church together in the mekong region

Christ calls us to be a light in the world for the sake of the Gospel and calls us to go and make disciples. We are a ministry of Awakening Lives to World Mission that seeks to build God’s kingdom in the Mekong Region. We desire to be a ministry that does long and short term work in Laos and Thailand 

Bible Translation

There are over 105 tribal languages in the Mekong region that do not have a bible in their heart language. 53 of those are in Thailand and Laos. We strongly believe that God desires all people to have a bible in their heart Language. Our work supports the technical and translation efforts.

Sport Ministry

The Sports Ministry started in 2012 has reached thousands of youth for Christ. Join us as we support locals throughout the Southeast Asia Region

Education Ministry

Education is desperately needed in the region of Southeast Asia. Few pastors hold even a bachelor's education. Join us as we support educational development with local seminaries in the region to develop the church for long-term self-sustainability.

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Declaring God's word to the Lost and providing biblical teaching to the faithful.

We hope to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ being spread and declared to all people to know the promise of Jesus Christ. Join us in our ministry work!

Bible Translations

Ministry work overseas is unique in some parts of the world. We believe strongly in the word of God and believe that it is vital that God's people have God's Holy Scripture in their own heart language. In doing so this allows the a church to be planted, strengthened , and then discipleship can take place.

Theological Education

The global world is in desperate need for quality theological education. Majority of the pastors desire to receive that education in hopes to grow the church. At the same time studies have shown that the more educated the clergy and church leaders the more self-sustaining the church will be in the long term.

Outreach and Discipleship

Our ministry works to engage everyday interactions of life and teach the church to engage discipleship from ministries like sports, schools, and even into the business world. When working in creative access countries, the model of ministry looks completely different.

Children and Young Adult Ministry

There are many, due to their location, lack resources to succeed in life and to be a Christian can mean they can lose everything. We desire to support children and young adults in educational opportunities that will help them succeed for their future. This ministry involves working with families that are in remote and tribal groups to support their children with an education based in the city.

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